Strategy in a Nutshell

1. Our customers will benefit from quality services at the cost of free lance developers. Most important, this is done without the pitfalls and the lack of continuity associated with free lancers.
2. Our customers will have a monthly update of their website without having to lose precious time on meetings, preparation of material and lengthy discussions all of which are time consuming.
3. Our customers will pay less for every single service we give as solution providers.
4. Our customers' websites will be maintained and updated by us at a cost that is less than one month's salary for an IT manager.
5. Our customers can benefit from consulting services from our other departments (Auditing, accounting, research, financeā€¦)
6. Our customers' websites have a well planned navigation, ease of access and a high level of focus. This makes it easy for visitors to find what they want, to understand what is on the site and last but not least to follow where the site leads to: promoting your goals.

Our strategy is to provide customer centered services while avoiding the usual waste of precious resources through over-designing. If a template based website fulfills the purpose at a minimal cost, why to indulge in a costly custom made design and development?

In short: Customer centered services
Cost effectiveness